Another Gaming Convention Promotion Post

The third Attack-X gaming convention was last weekend in Kamloops. I had a wonderful time, but again, promotion raises its ugly head.

Attack-X’s main thrust is for tabletop wargamers. There is a much smaller contingent of other gamers. This leads to an interesting contrast.

Attack-X is known about within the tabletop wargaming community, but not very much by other gamers. One of the tabletop gamers came from Hamilton, Ontario. There were not very many other gamers. They might not have been any general public. This is despite a one-page article in the local newspaper in the week before.

How do you solve such a problem? There are lots of other things that people could do, but the same is true for the gamers who did show up. How do you promote a specialised activity to the general public?

I now have a year to come up with something better.