A New Caste System?

Twenty years ago, I did not see many office positions advertised that required a diploma in office management. Over the last several years, I have seen much more of this.

I know how an office works, having worked in them and even modified how they run (because of software that I have written). I, of course, do not have a office management diploma, and years ago, few did. Somehow, offices did run though.

I feel that this is forcing people into a caste system. If you do not have have specific certification in an area, it can be much harder to find a job in that area, even though what needs to be mastered to do such a job is fairly minor.

Education is a big industry, and one that I feel too many people take way too seriously. If you are looking for someone to do a job, some of the best candidates may be people without the diploma, people who learned it on their own. (That shows some initiative, doesn’t it?)

There is no guarantee that a graduate of such a program can out-perform someone who has not taken such a program. Having taken such a program is no guarantee of the honesty, good work ethic, or other positive traits that an employer wants in an employee.

If you are an employer, please consider actually looking at the person instead of the paper.