“A great improvement over its successors”

The ALGOL 60 programming language was described by the above quotation.

In this world of new this and new that, it is worth considering that new might not be better.

If you have something that meets your needs, why would you change? If change will get you new capabilities or save time or save money or give you some other advantage, then yes, consider it. Change for change’s sake is needless expense.

An example of this is Web forums vs. USENET (newsgroups). Some of the advantages of USENET are:

1) You do not have to learn a different way of handling posts for each newsgroup you follow.
2) You can keep the messages if you want. (If a Web forum closes down, you lose the messages.)
3) Messages are threaded, and your software will keep track of which ones you have read. With many Web forums, either new messages are at the end with no sense of subthreads, or you have to scroll through the thread again and again to see the new messages.
4) You can download messages from many newsgroups with the push of a button, walk away, and they will be there. With Web forums, you have to check each Website. This is time-consuming especially with forums that only occasionally have posts.

And the list goes on. This is not to say that Web forums do not have some advantages, but the above are rather useful for me.

You might prefer some older way of doing things yourself. What?